Fast feedback & smart analysis - real-time results!

Make the right decisions with continuous insights from people in your business.
Rethink & simplify your management of surveys, analyzes & improvements.
Let 8 Second Survey do the job. Welcome to the future of feedback.

Fast feedback & smart analysis - real-time results!
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Customer experience

Customers, guests, patients – everyone needs to be heard. Now there are modern, fast ways to do it.

The experience on-site determines whether they return and if they will recommend you to others – customer satisfaction is thus the key to your continued growth.


Modernize your feedback with fast, effective measurements that make automatic analyzes of why they are satisfied or not.

Employee Engagement

Engagement, well-being, motivation – they all lead to higher productivity and reduced staff turnover. Your employees are your primary resource. New studies remind us that you must put the people first on an ongoing basis – and work proactively. Low engagement has a great cost. 

With 8 Second Survey you will get several ways to improve work environment, stress level, leadership and much more.

Feedback terminal™ 

Feedback terminal, smiley stand, happy faces – the phenomenon has a lot of names. Our Feedback terminal is the smartest and most well-equipped in the industry. Appearance and question types are scientifically designed and it’s boosted with an analytics tool that will make you an expert instantly.


Increase the response rate by several hundred percent and get powerful insights – automatically. The new generation of Feedback terminals.

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Why 8 Second Survey?

People-driven, not just data-driven.

Everyone talks about the benefits of becoming more data-driven and digitized. We understand that it is fundamentally about people; what they think, how they feel and what motivates them. You have seen many trends come and go, but you probably agree that pure facts are a safe bet. Putting people at the center and understanding them better with the help of data is one of our primary goals.
We contribute with some important keys to enable you to work with feedback in a modern way:

the surveys so that it is fun and motivating to give feedback.

Go in-depth
with dynamic content and smart question types.

your business using automatic analyzes, ready-to-use reports and act proactively with real-time data.

Built from research

The results that are delivered to you are based on in-depth analyzes and the interfaces that your respondents use are built according to human psychology and adapted to optimize the time spent answering. Anyone can build a tool that collects clicks – it is something completely different to create a good end result.

Your partner - all the way

We’re always there to help you move forward in your improvements. Therefore we offer all our customers a personal contact that is not only there if something goes wrong, but who is also a resource that helps you in every step of the way – from setting up appropriate surveys to interpretation of data and strategy for improvement.


In a time that is changing at an ever faster pace, it is important to be up to date. We have a complete cross-platform service that works on all devices. We also work hard to continuously improve and develop our service. We have a solution for all situations – how big or small they may be.

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